All living beings are capable of producing a variety of sounds that embody and reflect their environments. The music of biodiversity is an initiative that takes inspiration from a curation of sound recordings of different species and their environments to sketch and explore musical ideas from those sounds.

If biodiversity loss is also the loss of a kind of music, what music can we hope for?

This project is a response to the alarming rate of biodiversity loss we experience in our times. A report by the UN from 2019 estimates that due to changes in land and sea use, direct exploitation of organisms, climate change, pollution, and the resulting invasiveness of some organisms; one million species – one in four species in plant and animal groups – face extinction within decades, with devastating consequences for the sustainability of most ecosystems, including the well-being of humans.

The scale and urgency of the problem demands affects and dispositions that enable mobilizing extraordinary collective efforts to address the challenges in reversing the trend. The music of biodiversity is an attempt at imagining the kind of music that may emerge from species richness. We invite artists to simultaneously reflect on the music we may lose with biodiversity loss, while providing hopeful energies by imagining how a better future for biodiversity may sound like.

Audio Sources

We invite participants to draw musical inspiration from the sounds of animals, plants and their environments. The final compositions may include original field recordings or they may be only inspired by them. A good source of field recordings is We invite field recording artists to submit their soundscape and wildlife recordings too.


Nature’s Toolbox for Biodiversity, Art and Invention by Art Works For Change offers insights on how artists have addressed biodiversity.


Selected contributions will receive a selection of virtual instruments. We will be announcing the specific prizes soon.

Content submission and questions

For questions and submission ideas, get in touch with eduardo [at]