The contemporary situation demands a new kind of sensorium that allows redrawing the boundaries of affect, sensation, and perception. Sensagora is a space that brings together various forms of media from diverse sensibilities to provide materials for a renewed imagination. It unfolds threads for collective sense-making at the intersection of different sensorial registers.

Inspired by projects like SenseLab in Montreal, Medialab-Prado in Madrid, and John Hopkins’ International Arts + Mind Lab, we revisit the notion of the agora as an ecosystem of an empathic broadening of horizons. We imagine the possibility of an Agora of the Senses, drawing from the words of Jacques Rancière, a community of the senses for the redistribution of the sensible, which would redefine the line between the visible and the invisible, and enable new forms of articulation that may surface previously inaudible potentialities. The premise is that we can all learn from each other, and learning starts with the capacity of being moved by the senses.

Sensagora is structured around two main activities: First, curating an inventory of sensory modes of existence and repertoires of perception from creations that can be shared on the Internet: Photography, cinematography, music, poetry, painting, etc. Second, the reworking of media into inventive assessments of sensory-rich creations, metaphors, constellations, juxtapositions, collages, mashups, and other forms of combination from the evolving Internet culture of remixing.

The aim is to foster the mobilization of creative energies in cultivating enchantment, sustaining affirmation, and engendering hope from perceptive emotions and imaginative capabilities for novel forms of well-being. We envision a splash of awe-inspiring intensities and wondrous atmospheres that may transpire a tapestry for the kindling and condensation of inspiration, poetic dispositions, sensuous wisdom, and new ways of becoming susceptible and attuned to the calls of a plurality of ecologies: The possibility of sustainably innovative cosmopolitics based on an assembly of ways of sensing and making sense.