Welcome to Sensagora!

Sensagora is a place that works in a close alliance with your senses and your imagination. The images and descriptions you see here are just some guides that I have used as underlays for my imaginary world. You can do the same. You can change them as much as you want in your mind, and adapt them to your unique situation.


If you think imaginary worlds are “not for grown ups” I invite you to give them a chance for a little while just to see what happens. Consider how many things that you thought were real turned out to be imaginary, and how many things you didn’t even imagine turned out to be real. In the end, there’s always some imagination involved in how we perceive the world, and there’s always some reality present in our imagination, otherwise we wouldn’t even be able to imagine! Why not taking the helm of our imagination? By mastering the art of our imagination we may even start interacting with reality in more creative and lucid ways!


Sensagora has some elements of places you may already be familiar with, such as museums, art academies, universities, labs, gyms and theme parks. If you’ve ever had a vision of the school of your dreams, you can conjure up that vision right now because it will blend really well with Sensagora.


Sensagora Entrance

Let’s try experimenting with this a little bit. Let’s have a look at Sensagora’s entrance. Do you see how there’s a water mirror right in front of the fountain? Try changing that into something else, like a sand area.


Can you see the sand now? Imagine picking up some of that sand. How does it feel? Is it very fine and powdery, or is it rough and spiky? Is it light or is it a bit stony and heavy? Is it dry or is it a bit damp? Is it cold, or is it warmish, as if it had been soaking up the sun all day long until the recent sunset? Shake off your hands now. See if the sand reflects some light, even if the reflection is weaker now that the water is gone.


Now, change it to something else. Maybe you see a leafy path surrounded by trees that allow for the gradual passage of a warm, diffused, golden light. A bit like this:

Tree path

Imagine something that makes sense to you. How would the entrance to the school of your dreams look like? If you want, you may focus more on the soundscape: maybe you can hear some very calm wind and the distant flapping of an owl’s wings, or the loud murmuring of a crowd of visitors that are gathering right by the entrance. You choose. You will later find sections of Sensagora that help you develop ways of imagining vast, sensorially rich worlds.


If you are feeling very abstract today, you may just think of the following concept: the entrance. However, I really recommend experimenting with your imagination, because this will help you make the most of Sensagora.